Freedom at Home Team Meetings
Hosted by Janie Jones, NVP
& Leaders

Interview with Michael Jones
Topic:  Skeptical Spouses and How to Make Get Them Onboard

Interview with Jennifer Blake
Topic:  Skeptical Spouses and How to Make Get Them Onboard

How to get more "yes"
Hosted by Janie Jones
Listen to how Janie enrolled 300 ibos in one year!
Learn how to deliver a compelling "message"
Learn how to balance your business
Learn how to take control of your business
$20.00 promotion and why people are FIRED UP!
Are you wondering how YOU can achieve success in your Ameriplan business because you have fear/challenges such as:
* fear of the phone
* fear of technology
* fear of failing
* fear of losing money
* fear of wasting time

Hosted by Janie Jones, Lisa Simpson & David Mayo


* What is the best way to learn the business?
*  What is the fastest way to make money with Ameriplan.

Intereview with Newest NSD, Ghi Smith!

Keeping it simple

How to stay motivated and focused

Nothing beats the power of a dream

Interview with Kathleen Strooband, NSD
50k income earner!
Top recruiter, top producer

Interview with Terri Medine, NSD
Terri Medine was a single mom when she enrolled with Ameriplan. Find out how she was able to achieve NSD and $25,000 in lifetime residual income!

Interview with Jayme Boyles, NSD
Jayme  is a top recruiter/producer  in Ameriplan.  She  is consistently on the TOP 10 enrollers Nationwide
every single week!

The Trust About Jobs and Work at Home Opportunities
*  Advantages and disadvantages of a job.
*  Advantages and disadvantges of a hombased business
*  Can you find real work at home jobs?
*  Reasons why people think that working at home opportunites do not work.
*  What is networkmarketing?  We hear many success stories and then we hear that it doesn't work?

Why the Freedom at Home Team is Growing After 9 years
*  Why so many promotions?
*  Why I'm was inspired to do this call
*  What our team is all about

*  What Message Are you  Sending To Your Prospects?
* Why people join your business