Welcome to the daily leads website.  Here you will find simple marketing methods that have worked for the freeedom at home team.   Many of these simple marketing methods are free and super afforable. 
'So let's get started!

Tips for a successful lead generation campaign:

#1.  Be consistent with marketing.
Set a schedule for marketing and stick to the schedule no matter what.

#2.  Select at least 5 marketing methods.
This is important, if you want to generate leads. 

#3.   Learn to LOVE marketing.
Sharing the benefits and the opportunity.  Remember,  people need these services and people are always looking for ways to make extra income.  Now you can help them and build a great income and repeat income for you and your family.   So have fun and get excited!  People love to be around people that are excited and have a passion for their business.

#4.  No turning back.
Make the committment to just do.  Remove any fears, get out of your comfort zone.   We want you to look back and say "I'm so glad I build this business".  I build a great repeat income and I've got my life back. 

#5.  Never Stop Dreaming.  If you are here because you want to fire your boss, get out of debt, travel or have more time freedom, that is YOUR dream and don't let anyone tell you that you can't accomplish it.  Many have achieved their dreams with Ameriplan and you can too. It's all up to you.  You have the tools, the support and compensation plan that will help you achieve anything you desire.  So, if your ready to step up, let's get busy and start our lead generation action plan.

Marketing Methods

1.  Do a grand opening
Don't work undercover.  Send the grand opening email or pick up the phone and let everyone know that you are a proud business owner.  The key thing is to let everyone know about your business.   This way if their preiums increase or if they get tired of their job, they will remember that you are in the business!

2.    Post free classified Ads  (do this 3-5 times a week).    Do searches on google for "job sites" and post about the opportunity.

3.    Get free marketing material and distribute consistenly.
*  Free Tshirts
*  Free Car Magnets

4.    Get leads by posting FREE on facebook
Open a free account and learn how to share about your
business on thousands of 
Facebook Pages!
more information

5.   Get leads posting FREE on Marketplace

6.   Get leads by asking for referrals

7.  Join Networking groups and meet people in person.
Groups such as  BNI.com   meetup.com

8.  Give FREE prescription cards
*  In person,  order free prescription cards from Ameriplan.  Login to www.ameriplanusa.com/ibo
*  Online,  if you wish to share the free prescription card online