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How to Post Free Ads on Craigslist

Our team has had a great deal of success over the years posting free ads on Craigslist. Below you will find full details on how to work this method successfully. (This method can also be used on any other Free Classified posting site.)


In order to receive the best results with this marketing strategy it is so very important that you follow the instructions exactly as laid out when first learning this process. After you are comfortable with the process, you can adjust and tweak the wording and strategy, as you track your results and determine which ads produce the most response.

This process is geared toward driving traffic to your Freedom At Home Team website, so that you will receive Opt-In Requests for Interview. Ideally you should receive 2 to 8+ per day if you post ads consistently. Some classified sites, like Craigslist for example, track posted ads by the IP address of the computer being used to post, not by your email address. We advise you to limit the number of ad postings on a single site to 2-3 per day, and each in a different city, with different category and description choices. This will prevent you from being flagged and/or banned from the site.

Choose your posting sites:

Below is a sampling of free classified ad websites that have provided great results: You will have the best results with Craigslist as this site has massive amounts of traffic. on Facebook Marketplace: When you are logged into Facebook, type in "Marketplace" in the Search bar and you will find the Marketplace application.

This is just a few of the well-known posting sites. We strongly encourage you to add additional websites to your own personal list. This list is a good starting point but you can find many more sites simply by using Google to search on keywords like: free classified ads, free job postings, free ads, free classifieds, free business postings, etc. Also, check your local newspaper's online version of classified ads, which often will allow free postings.

Create a new email address before posting:

You CANNOT use your email address when asked to supply an email address on the ad sites when creating your ads. If you do, your ads will automatically be deleted from the site. Therefore, you will want to create at least one Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, or other free email address specifically for use when posting online classified ads. Ideally you will want your new email address(es) to sound professional and reflect something "interviewish". Note: If you want to be able to post more ads, you might want to consider creating more than one email address, so that you can switch between the two to allow for more postings, just remember to note which ads you post for which email address, for tracking purposes, and remember to check both of them regularly so you can respond in a timely manner.

Build your ad:

Using the AD MATRIX below:

· Select a CATEGORY from the first column of the AD MATRIX
· From the second column, select ONE of the corresponding subject/title listed (in the same row) for the Category you selected.
· From the third column, select ONE of the corresponding descriptions listed (in the same row) for the Category you selected.
· Use the compensation/salary listed in the fourth column for all ads, IF REQUIRED.



only one of these per ad you're creating)


only one of these per ad you're creating)

only if required by the ad site)


1. Admin/Office

2. Home Office - FT/PT

Home Office - Internet/phone required

4. Office - Telecommute

(or any other similar subject/title that you might create that fits with the
Admin/Office category)

1. National Health Benefits company looking for bright, intelligent people for positions as a Health Programs Specialist. Must have Internet access, and be able to dedicate at least 8-10 hours a week. Training provided on the Internet and via telephone. Please reply for more information.

2. Health Programs company seeking smart and upbeat people for Health Programs Specialist positions. Must have phone and internet access, and be available at least 10-12
hours a week. Telephone and Internet training provided. Please reply for more info.

Seeking homeworkers for solid healthcare company. No cold calling/telemarketing involved. Must be a team player, self-motivated and able to work at least 10-20
hours a week. Internet access and telephone required. All training provided from home. Benefits included. Please reply for more info.
4. Dental Plan company, featured on "60-Minutes" and in the Wall Street Journal, seeks serious and positive people to telecommute as Plan Specialist. Must have
telephone/internet access, and be available 12-20 hours a week. Training provided by internet/phone.

$500 -
$1000 per week potential

Customer Service

1. Customer Service

CSR - Home office/telecommute

3. Customer Service - Internet/phone req.

Cust. Service - Telecommute

(or any other similar subject/title that you might create that fits with the Customer
Service category)

1. Nation's Premiere Health Programs Company is looking for leaders. Customer service skills preferred, but no experience is necessary. Free training is available via telephone and Internet. Must have Internet access, and be
willing to work with other team members. Part-time or full-time available. Daily pay with benefits and direct deposit available.

2. Premier Health Benefits Company is seeking team players. No experience is necessary, but Cust. Serv. skills preferred. Telephone and Internet training provided. Internet access required - must be willing to work with a team. Ft/Pt positions available. Benefits included.

Nationwide Health Benefits Company seeking homeworkers. Full-time/Part-time positions available. Customer service exp. preferred, but no exp. necessary. Must have internet and phone, and be able to work at least 10-12 hours a week. Training provided via telephone and internet. Includes benefits. Reply for more info.

4. Large Dental Program Company is actively searching for Program Specialists with customer service experience. Telecommuting available, full-time or part-time. Home office set-up a plus, but not required. Benefits included. Training provided by phone and internet.

$500 -
$1000 per week potential


1. Healthcare - Home office

2. Healthcare - Home office/telecommute

Seeking Healthcare Associates

(or any other similar subject/title that you might create that fits with the Health Care category)

1. America's #1 Consumer driven Health Care is looking for motivated people who will lead the way in Health Care for the next decade and generations to come. Customer service is a plus, but not necessary. Just a strong will to
succeed and Lead. GOOD TEAMWORK skills are necessary.

2. This is a strong company that has been in business since 1992. We are leading the way in Consumer Driven Health Care. We offer free training. It is available via Internet, telephone, local workshops and training sessions. Daily Pay, Residual Income and benefits available. Part or Full time available. Please reply for an interview. Must have
Internet access.

$500 -
$1000 per week potential


1. Sales - FT/PT - Home office

2. Recruiters Needed -

3. Recruiter - Internet/phone req.

Sales - Telecommute

(or any other similar subject/title that you might create that fits with the Sales

1. We are looking for upbeat personalities who take pride in helping others work for our company. We offer two positions that are available immediately. Recruiting
Specialist and Program Specialist. Benefits included.

2. Our company is seeking outgoing, energetic people who have a passion for helping others work for our company. Two positions available - Recruiting Specialist and
Benefits Specialist. Perks included.

$500 - $1000 per week potential

Now that you have made your selections and built your ad, you are ready to post it.

Helpful hint: You can "mix and match" subject/title and description choices within a single category, or choose a different category, with corresponding subject/title and description choices, to put together a number of different ads. If you post the identical ad on any single ad website, your ads will most likely be removed, even if posted in different locations.

Post your ads:

Helpful Hint - Try to post your ad without logging in or creating an account. This gives you a better chance of your add sticking and not being deleted.

Most of the ad websites are very similar when it comes to posting an ad. Although the information provided may be in a different order, you will be asked to provide the same information when posting an ad no matter what site you use. Here's what you do:

· Visit your selected classified ad website (from the list above, or from your own list of favorite posting sites).
· Find and click the button/link to POST AN AD.
· Choose the state/region/city in which you want your ad to be available for viewing (some sites provide option to post in multiple locations, but usually for an additional fee)
· Choose JOB for the type of ad you are posting (you may also have option for Home Based Business, or Work at Home)
· Read and agree (check the box) to the Terms of Agreement for posting on the site.
· Select the category in which you will be posting (this should correspond to the category you selected from the AD MATRIX when building your ad).
· An ad form/template will open, and you will fill in the fields of the form/template with the information you chose from the AD MATRIX above when you built your ad:

o Enter the subject/title you chose into the Subject/Title field in the ad form/template
o Enter the description you chose into the Description/Text field in the ad form/template
o If required (most cases it is not), enter the compensation/salary range from the AD MATRIX into the salary/compensation field in the ad form/template.
o Wherever you are asked to supply an email address to which replies to your ad should be sent, supply your NEW EMAIL ADDRESS that you created for use with classified ads.

· Once you have completed the required fields in the ad form/template, click CONTINUE (or POST or SUBMIT)
· You may be asked to enter a verification code; if so, simply type in the code provided, exactly as it is shown.
· Click to accept any terms of use.

If you completed all the steps satisfactorily, a preliminary confirmation message should show up on your screen, with something to the effect of: "Your posting has not yet been activated; we have sent an email to the email address you provided when posting your ad, with instructions on how to activate your ad". Simply check your email (remember, this is the NEW one you created specifically for your classified ads) for the message, open it and follow the instructions given to activate your ad. Generally, you simply have to click a link provided in the message, which will complete the activation process, and you should be taken back to the site on which you posted it, where a new message appears stating that your ad has been activated/posted, and you should now be able to view/edit it.

Helpful posting tips:

On occasion you will receive notification that your ad has been deleted or removed. Understand this is a normal part of the online advertising process, so do not be discouraged. This is NOT the site banning you, it is simply a result of a disgruntled responder who reports your ad and has it removed, for any number of reasons. Don't worry, keep Posting! Its all FREE, and often you'll have many responses before the ad got removed anyway! But here are some helpful hints to help prevent this from happening:
  • If you are having trouble with your ads being deleted, don't post more than two ads per week - I like to post on Sunday night and Tuesday morning.
  • Do not use your replicated site ( - If you do, you will get flagged, ghosted or deleted. If you want a website on the ad, you need to get a domain name. For example, mine is I purchased mine from I only pay $9 per year for mine but you can go
    even cheaper and get the .infos for about $2 per year.
  • If you choose not to get a domain name, do not leave any contact information. At the end of your ad just write "For more
    information and to request an interview, please respond to post." And when you receive the email response from Craigslist, you will need to send them an email prompting them to visit your site and request an interview. See below for an email template response. This method is fine but is very time consuming. Some people find it easier to just get a domain so they don't have to do this step. Completely up to you though:)
  • Keep your ads short and to the point.
  • Do not say "work from home." I always say "telecommute" or "must have home office setup"
  • Do not say AmeriPlan. I usually start off with something like "Our company is looking for....."

Another little trick I have learned is to save the initial email from Craigslist that confirms that your ad has been posted. Then every Sunday night, go back to it, click on the link in the email and "Renew" your ads.

How to respond to replies to your ads:

If you choose to use a domain name in your ad, you can skip this step. Using a domain will direct the leads to your FAHT site to request information. The leads will then be automatically loaded into your Focal Point system and they will begin receiving autoresponder emails and are ready to be called. This is a HUGE time saver and SO worth it!!

However, if you choose NOT to use a domain name in your ad, continue:

When someone reads and responds to your ad, an email message will be generated and sent to the email address you provided when posting the ad. Be sure to check your emails regularly, so that you can respond in a timely manner. Keep your response brief, but professional. Below is a sample response:

Hello Caroline,

Thank you for your interest in our position listed on Craigslist. Please fill out the Request for Interview form at Once I receive the request, I will be contacting you within 24-48 hours. I look forward to talking to you soon to see if this company will be a good match for you and if you will be a good match for our team!

Thank you,

Your Name
Your Title
Your Phone Number

And that is how our team has received great results posting on free classified sites. If you have any questions, just send them my way. I am always happy to help!

Happy marketing, and have fun!

All my best,

Kristie Wooten-DeGraw
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