Recorded Calls

Kelly O'Donnell,NVP Advance Calls
Dental/Medical Training Calls & much more.

Kristie DeGraw-Wooten, RVP
Various topics such as how to post ads online
leads, scripts, prospecting and much more!

Kristie DeGraw-Wooten, RVP
Recruiting Series - How to post ads and talk to prospects

Team Meeting Calls
Janie Jones, NVP

Michelle Stefferson, NSD
Scripts & Components

Smile & Dial Calls with Kelly O'Donnell
Learn how to talk to prospects!
Listen to these calls and learn from a National Vice President.

Patti Triplett, NSD
Website Setup and Overview
Kelly Fuller - Membership Series  (Dental package and it's components).
Interview with Leaders
Lisa Simpson, SESD
David Mayo, SRSD
Kim Blessing, NSD