Member Leads

Ameriplan gives out free prescription cards that you can order from them (at no charge).
simply login to the back office and place your order.

If you wish to give "free prescription cards thru the internet and generate member leads, please follow the steps below".

Our  Free prescription card  lead capture page is live! 
You can view page:

As soon as prospects  enter their information, they will see a  “thank you page” .  

The thank you  page will say that we will be happy to send them a free prescription card.  All they need to do is send us a self addressed envelope.    That’s !  We take care of the rest for you :)  You do not need to send them a prescription card.

Also, as soon as they enter their infomation, they will receive a series of emails that will introduce them to our dental/medical plan.

Here is the thank you page: click here

NOTE:  If you  rather send them a free prescription card yourself, you can login to focal point and edit the thank you page very easily.

here are the steps to follows:

#1.  Login to focal point.

#2.   Select the tab “WEBSITE”

#3.  Select  "Site To Manage"  APRXCARD

#4.  Next, Select Page to Manage:  

#5.  Delete this sentence:

  Free Prescription Card
         511 Eagle
                Austin, TX 78734


Your free prescription card is on it’s way! 

#6.  Next, enter save and publish

#7.  Next,  "under site content"

select page to Manage:  Free Prescription Card1

Scroll down and delete this sentence:

Once we receive your self addressed envelope, we will mail your prescription card in one business day

#8.  Next, enter save and publish

We will go over this information at our team call this evening.

p.s.  ‘Live Chat / Email Me’ and ‘Returning Visitor’ link on your new site


  ** Note to hear recorded call  click here

****If you do not have focal point, below are the instruction on how to request it.
Click on "Click Here to Sign Up" at the top.
Choose the $17.00 version with the free 60 day trial
Click "Get It Now"
Enter your contact information.
Choose a passcode
Enter the email address for your enroller in the “I was referred by” textbox. If a message appears telling you that your enroller’s email address is not valid, this may be because your enroller has not signed up for FocalPoint yet or has used a different email address for his/her FocalPoint account. Note: If your enroller does not have FocalPoint system, find out their upline email address.
Enter your Billing information. NOTE: your card will NOT be billed until the end of the 60 day free trial.
Agree to the terms of use.
Click Submit.