Freedom at Home Team
Lisa Simpson, NSD

Need A Dose of Inspiration?
Listen to our NEWEST NSD, Lisa Simpson.
Lisa reached NSD in just 3 months!

Lisa  (a single mom) took a big leap of faith and QUIT her job.
Was it scary?
Find out why she had to quit her job?  (this is a shocker)

 Topics discussed:
*   The importance of  staying "focused"
*  The importance of NEVER giving up on your prospects 
*  Why she loves to email prospects on Mondays!
*  No advertising money? what did she do?
*  Making the commitment  - tell your relatives you are working on becoming a NSD with Ameriplan and just do it.
*  Ameriplan is winning because we offer an affordable business
that anyone can join.  Surveys shows that most people won't join a business that costs over $100 - $500!
*  Ameriplan has been in business for 20 years AND still the market is wide open.
*Her next goal.. The Cadillac!
* When people say, I don't have the money, how does she handle that objection?
* How she got some of her family members that wanted freedom to join her business.
*  Is this business difficult to do?  
Time - you can never get it back.   Time will come and go. Might as well build this business NOW so in a couple of years you will be celebrating oppose to regretting.
*  No time to work your Ameriplan business? how do you find the time?
* Educate people that there is a better way
*  Why do people say "how long does it take to make money".
* co-ops and why they are a  no brainer
* Why the hype about  "making big income at home" does not work
*Why building residual income is so important (especially today!)
*  Stop chasing the money...Let the money chase you.
and much more topics!



Listen to call: