Placing free online classifieds does work if you are willing to do it the right way. This type of advertising needs to be something you do consistently. You can't just place one free classified and expect results. You need to place as many as you can every day consistently.

There are many sites to place free classified ads. Way too many to list them all. I will list some resources below. Please keep in mind to find more sites that accept free classified ads, just do searches on keywords like "free ads", "free classifieds", "advertising for free", "free business ad", etc...

***  Listen to  Kristie Wooten as she goes over in details about free classifieds.  She also has sample ads that you can use today.


Free Job Posting Sites

There are places on the internet that you can post our work-at-home opportunity for free. I found some resources for you to use. Enjoy! Classifieds
Free online local classified ads.  They get massive amount of traffic
BUT they are super picky. 
When you post an ad, do not post your website, simply list your email.  Once they email you back, send them to your freedom at home team page so you can capture the lead.
Once you capture the leads, focal point will continue mailing them information about the opportunity.

You can also place ads for "members and IBO's".
Hoobly is a quick and easy way to get your ads listed on google quickly. Like all classfieds duplicate ads are not allowed. Be sure to change wording on additional ads
Little Nickel
Affordable Northwest Classifed Ads newspaper with a large cirulation in the Seattle/Tacoma, Portland and ID regions.

Penny Saver
Paid ads run online and in a network of local papers.

Yalwa Classifed Ads
Targeted free classifed ads for US locations.

Free national classifieds marketplace. free posting for members and ibos

Free online classifieds community. free posting for members and ibos

Oodle  Register first and then post ads for Members or ibos

This is the ad I place on the internet: click here

Paid Online Classifieds

If you would like to place an online ad that is more targeted, you may want to place an ad that you have to pay for. To place an ad to promote our business opportunity, a good place to start would be "work at home" sites. Again, there are tons of those types of sites on the internet. The prices will vary. Some are inexpensive, some are not.

When doing your search for these types of sites, just do searches on keywords like "work at home" "moms at home" "dads at home" "business opportunity" "homebased jobs" "make money at home" etc...

When you go to these "work at home" sites, then click on their "Advertise" link. Find out how much it costs to advertise on their site. Also check to see how much traffic that site gets. Decide if it is a wise investment.

sample ad:
Subject Line:  Work at Home/ 20 year old company/ Daily pay with Benefits

We are currently interviewing people TODAY  to work at home. Our home-based company pays you daily and provides you with competitive benefits.

We provide free training thru the internet or thru telephone conferences.  We help you start making money at home immediately.   We also have training centers all over the United States that you are welcome to attend.  Our Training centers are available to you at no cost

We invest time and money on you so please, only people that are willing to work 10 hours a week or more need to inquire.

About our company:
Ameriplan has been in busy for 20 years.   We have a A+ ratings with the BBB and Good Morning America featured our company.

Watch video at


*  Daily Pay
*  Bonuses
* Residual Income
*  FREE LIVE Support
*  Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic Plan (for entire household)


* NO Selling
* No Cold Calling


1st Opportunity - We help other people work for AmeriPlan®.  There are millions of people looking for legitimate opportunities to work from home  for various reasons and you can  now help them!.   We will train you to do this online or offline.  Our work is always paid on a daily basis.

whichever you prefer!  

2nd Opportunity - We help save people money by enrolling them in our  benefits plan.  We all know people that go to the dentist, wear contact  lenses, wear eyeglasses, take prescription drugs or go to a chiropractor,

and now you can help them save money and get paid for your efforts.  Our benefits package is very

affordable ($19.95 per month for an entire household) and most people realize a significant savings from it.

Not only do you get paid for helping people SAVE MONEY, the person or family that you enroll with

our benefits package is YOUR customer and you will get paid month after month, year after year, as

long as they remain in our benefits program:

BEFORE you call  or email us  please read and study about our homebased company.   Read and study about our company at

For an interview please Call:___________________ 

Your Name
Your phone#
Your website